Best Times - Catch More Fish!

Based on John Alden Knight's book on Solunar Theory, "Moon Up Moon Down", Best Times use the position of the moon and sun, at your location, to help you determine the times that fish and wildlife are most active. Use Best TImes to plan your day of hunting and fishing. Be at your best spot at the prime times for wildlife activity. If you fish tournaments, use it to make sure you are on your best spots at the best time or help determine whether to stay or go to another spot.

Best TImes uses a location and date to show you you the best periods of the day. Enter any location and look at any date: past, present or future. Shows sun and moon rise and set along with major and minor periods of activity. A graph of the day's activity is presented to make interpreting the data easy.

Best Times is very easy to use. Tap on the location name to change locations or add another. Tap on the date to select another date or swipe left and right to change date by one day or swipe up and down to change date by one month.

You can be assured that Best Times is safe. No permissions! No ads! It does not access the Internet or your contacts! Best time is also small and has minimum impact on your device. Give it a try.

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