In a fishing tournament, culling the wrong fish can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Don't be that guy! Can't find the grease board or pencil? Your phone is in yourCullAid pocket or readily available. Why not use it? CullAid is an app that turns your phone into a smart culling system. Recording your catch with CullAid makes it instantly clear which fish is the one to throw back.

  • Dedicated to single task of tracking your catch
  • Very easy to use
  • Tracks weights in pounds & ounces, pounds, kilograms
  • Tracks lengths in inches
  • Select the cull tags from a list or add custom tag
  • Flexible tournament limits
  • Does not access any private phone data
  • No advertising

Getting Started

  1. Set up your culling tags. Select the descriptions of all your tags. If you have tags that don't appear in the list, you can set up custom tag descriptions by using the "Add" button. 
  2. Select your desired unit of measure.
  3. Set the tournament limit.
  4. Catch a fish, weigh or measure it, and add it to the selected tag. Hint: Use the '*' key for a decimal point if it is not on your virtual keyboard.
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