Club Meeting to be Held on March 2, 2019

A meeting to discuss and plan for the upcoming season for North Country Bassin' will be held on March 2, 2019 at 1:00 PM at the Reno Bar and Grill (Green Iguana). Everyone is welcome at the meeting.

Fall Tournament on Lake Ida - 10/13/2018

Lake Ida Tournament - Saturday, October 13, 2018
Hours 9am-3pm - North access
$50 entry optional $5 Big bass
5 bass limit
20 boat max.
Boat draw morning of
Call or Text Matt Commerford for any more info. (701) 368-1422


Tim McDowell Takes Megabucks Honors

After a big day on Lake Ida with 19.65 pounds, Tim finished on Pelican with a solid 15.75 pound bag for a total of 35.40 pounds to take first place in the annual Megabucks tournament. Second was Doug Kriese with 32.65 pounds and third was Matt Commerford close behind with 32.52 pounds. Big fish of the tournament was a 5.12 pound largemouth brought in by Doug Kriese on Pelican. 

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Durand Peterson and Matt Commerford First on Oscar

Durand Peterson and Matt Commerford brought 17.67 pounds to the scale to take the win on Lake Oscar. Their bag included the 4.54 pound big bass and solidified Durand Peterson as the 2018 Angler of the Year. Doug Kriese and Bob Keuhn were second with 16.42 pounds and Wayne Ek and Tim McDowell were third with 15.79. 

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2018 Standings

Haabala and James Wicht First on Sauk

17.22 pounds was enough to give Chad Haabala and James Wicht the victory on Sauk Lake. They also had big bass at 5.26 pounds. Corey Brickwig and Tanner Tetrick were second with 16.26 and Matt and Shanna Commerford were third with 14.54 pounds. The end of the season is getting close. There is one more draw tournament on September 16th to finalize the roster for the Megabucks.

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Mike and Durand Peterson Prevail on Ottertail

Mike and Durand Peterson came to the scales with 19.08 pounds to take the win on Ottertail Lake, a new bass fishery for the club. Not far behind was the team of Dean Peterson and John Wicht III with 18.43 and in third place was Tanner Tetrick and James Wicht with 18.39. Tanner and James had the big bass at 5.41 pounds. The next club draw tournament is August 19.

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Tom and Keri Wilkins Take Open on Osakis

Tom and Keri Wilkins broke the 20 pound mark to take the win on Lake Osakis. Their 20.09 pound bag was the big bag of the day. In second place was the team of Matt Commerford and Chad Haabala with 19.39 pounds. Third was Tanner Tetrick and Tim McDowell with 19.33 pounds. There were several five pounder brought in for the day but Matt and Chad's 5.79 pound fish took big bass honors.

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Peterson and McDowell Sack 20 Pounds on Lake Johanna

On a perfect summer morning, Durand Peterson and Tim McDowell weighed 20.39 pounds for the win on Lake Johanna. They were followed by Bob Chapin and Bob Hefti with 19.78 pounds that included the big fish at 4.83 pounds. In third place was the team of Doug Kriese and Chad Haabala with 15.70 pounds. The next club draw in on August 5.

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Trent Glover Wins the Open on Minnewaska

Trent Glover brought a 16.42 pound bag to the scales to take the first open of the year on Lake Minnewaska. His bag included the 4.11 pound big fish of the day. In second place were Randy Voyles and Martin Wituck with 15.00 pounds. Cody Rupert and Dustin Ziesemer were third with 14.64 pounds. There were 18 boats fishing the Waska event.

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Wayne Ek and Jack Wicht Take Opener

Wayne and Jack's big fish of 4.30 pounds was enough to separate them from the pack on a tough Lake Vermont. Rapidly warming water and sunny, calm conditions made it hard to find the bigger fish. Their 11.41 pounds held off Matt Commerford and James WIcht's 10.96 pounds and Roy Good and Bod Keuhn's 10.94 pounds. The next club draw is on July 22.

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2018 Dates

The following dates are subject to change. The next Club meeting will be March 24, 2018 at the Depot. We expect to finalize the dates at that time.

Open Tournaments

 Date Lake Time Entry Fee
June 3, 2018 Minnewaska 6-2 $110
June 16, 2018  Pomme de Terre 6-2 $110
July 7, 2018 Reno 6-2 $110
August 4, 2018 Osakis 6-2 $110
October 13, 2018 Ida 8-4 $50

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Club Tournaments

 Date Lake  Time
May 26, 2018 Vermont 6-12
July 22, 2018 Johanna 6-12
August 5, 2018 (Travel) Ottertail 7-1
August 19, 2018 Sauk 7-1
September 16, 2018 Oscar 7-1
Sept. 29 & 30, 2018 Pelican, Ida 7:30-5:30


Draw Tournament Committee:
Mike Peterson - 320-760-1960
Durand Peterson - 320-815-5416

Open Tournament Committee
Tim McDowell - 320-766-3275
Doug Kriese - 320-886-5569

Mega Buck Tournament Committee:
Tim McDowell - 320-766-5125
Wayne Ek - 320-808-3270

Tanner Tetrick - 320-815-9993

Mike Peterson
1509 McAuliffe PL NW
Alexandria MN 56308

Club Meeting - February 24, 2017

The annual North Country club meeting will be at the Depot in Alex on Saturday February 24th at 1 PM.  

Come and join us in discussions and planning for the upcoming year.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.  Please spread the word to anyone you know that isn't on our e-mailing list and might be interested in learning about the club. 

See you there!


Bob Chapins Takes Megabucks Win

Bob Chapin closed out the Megabucks win with a 17 pound bag on Osakis on a windy, wet ugly day. That bag, along with 19.71 pounds on Lake Mary was enough to edge out Tanner Tetrick for the win. Bob's 36.85 total weight was just over a pound more than Tanner's 35.65. Third place went to Matt Commerford at 33.03 pounds. 

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Bob Chapin and Chad Haabala Win Pomme de Terre Draw Tournament

Bob and Chad came to the scales with 19.68 pounds to win the last club draw event on Pomme de Terre. In second place with 18.87 pounds were Wayne Ek and Mike Peterson and third was Matt Commerford and James Wicht with 16.24 pounds. Wayne and Mike had the big bass at 5.70 pounds.

The Megabucks field is set and will be on Lake Mary and Lake Osakis on September 30 and October 1. Fishing hours will be from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Last day for pre-fishing is the Sunday before the start of the Megabucks.

Pomme de Terre Results
2017 Standings

Chad Haabala and Bob Hefti Win Lobster Draw

Chad and Bob had a big day on Lobster and came in with 18.18 pounds to take the fourth club draw on Lobster. Their bag included the big fish of the day, a 4.75 pound largemouth. Close behind were Matt Commerford and Tim McDowell with 16.24 pounds and Durand Peterson and James Wicht were third with 11.91 pounds. The last club draw for the season is on September 10, 2017.

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Tanner Tetrick and Chad Haabala Take Pomme Slugfest

Tanner and Chad brought 23.95 pounds to the scales to win on Pomme de Terre. There big bag included a 5.93 pound fish that was the big one for the day. Durand Peterson and Troy Lien's 22.32 pound bag was good for second and Cody Rupert and Shane Gesell were third with 22.23 pounds. There were six twenty pound plus bags out of the 16 teams entered. 

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Matt Klemm and Trevor Trousil Win Open on Lake Reno

With 17.52 pounds, Matt Klemm and Trevor Trousil edged out Jon Englund and Kyle Wicklund for the win on Lake Reno. Jon and Kyle had 17.30 pounds. Matt Commerford and Tanner Tetrick took third with 15.73 pounds and also had the big fish of the day at 3.93 pounds. There were 23 boats participating in this event.

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Jeff Bosshardt Wins Le Homme Dieu Individual

Jeff Bosshardt's 17.73 pound bag was enough to edge out Trevor Trousil's 17.45 pound to take first place on the Alexandria Chain of Lakes on Sunday, June 16th. Wayne Ek came in with 16.80 to take third. Bosshardt had the big fish on the day, a 4.38 pound largemouth.

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Tanner Tetrick and Doug Kriese Win on Long Lake

Tanner and Doug edged Durand Peterson and Bob Hefti by .06 pounds to take first place on Long Lake by Dalton. Their bag weighed 16.57 and included the big fish of the day at 4.94 pounds. Durand and Bob had 16.51 and Matt Commerford and John Wicht III had 14.60 to take third place.

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Durand Peterson and Tanner Tetrick Sack Big Bag on Red Rock

Durand and Tanner brought 24.03 pounds to the scale to easily take Red Rock honors. There bag included a 5.57 pound largemouth that was big fish of the day. Trever Trousil and Jack Wich came in with 20.06 to take second and Matt Commerford and Wayne Ek came in third with 19.77 pounds. 

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Wicklund and Englund Win Open on Minnewaska

Jon Englund and Kyle Wicklund won the first NCB open tournament on Lake Minnewaska with a 15.63 pound bag. Dale Danter and Nathan Bright were second with 15.40 and Troy Jutting and Greg Savino third with 15.25. John and James Wicht had big bass at 3.95 pounds.

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John Wicht Jr and Tanner Tetrick Win Smith Lake Honors

John and Tanner brought 16.84 pounds to the scale to take first place honors at the Smith Lake on June 4th. Close behind were Bob Chapin and Roy Good with 16.05 pounds and the big fish at 4.54 pounds. Third place went to Mike Peterson and Jack Wicht at 15.93 pounds.

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