Meeting on Feb 11, 2023

North Country Bassin' will be holding a meeting at 1:00 PM at the Depot Express in Alexandria on February 11, 2023.The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the upcoming season and just talk a little bass fishing. The club is actively looking to increase its membership. If you think you might be interested feel free to come to the meeting and bring a friend or two. The club is great way to start tournament fishing. Hope to see you there.

North Country Bassin' 2022 Schedule

Club Tournaments

YTD Standings

 Date Lake  Time
June 25, 2022 Mina 6-12
July 16, 2022 Irene 6-12
July 30, 2022 Andrew 6-12
August 20, 2022  Florida (Travel) 7-1
August 28, 2022 Scandi 7-1
September 17 & 18 Megabucks - Reno & Pelican 7-5


Committees for 2022

Draw Tournament Committee:
Mike Peterson - 320-760-1960
Bob Hefti - 320-815-9993

Tournament Director 
Tim McDowell

Mega Buck Tournament Committee:
Wayne Ek - 320-808-3270

Executive Board:
Bob Chapin
Tim McDowell
Mike Peterson

Matt Commerford

Mike Peterson - 320-760-1960


Minutes from March 13th Meeting 2021

North Country Bassin' had its annual meeting to plan the 2021 season on March 13th at the Reno Bar and Grill. A number of changes were discussed and the following decisions were made:

1. Running our open tournaments were becoming a burden on a small number of our members and the financial incentives were just not there to continuing to have them. It was decided that we would increase our annual dues to $100 from $50. The higher dues would allow us to keep payouts for the megabucks the same.

2. The Megabucks format was also a topic of discussion. It was decided to alternate every other year as a "big" lake/"small" lake year. The small lake years would be run by spliting the field on two lakes within 15 minutes drive time of each other. The big lake years would be run as the have been in the past with the full field on one lake. 2021 will be a small lake year.

3. Chad noted that some of our regular lakes were as far as some of the travel lakes and brought a list of lakes and their drive time from Christopherson's. After some discussion, it was decided to keep one travel tournament during the season. Regular draw lakes will be limited to those within 46 minutes drive time and travel lakes will go out to 62 minutes. 

4. We have had circumstances in the past that require some changes be made during the course of the season. Since it is nearly impossible to get the whole club together, it was decided that an Executive Board would be formed to make the decision on behalf of all the members. The board members are Chad Haabala, Tim McDowell, Durand Peterson and Mike Peterson.

In addition to these changes, club draw tournament dates were set as well as the Megabucks lakes and dates.